Car loan: How to buy a car without contribution?

There are different ways to buy a car without contribution, such as a car loan or rental with option to buy.

Many French people wish to change vehicles every year, either to replace a vehicle that has broken down or does not pass technical inspection or to renew an aging vehicle.

Simply, the purchase of a car in good condition and able to provide security for all necessary trips for personal and professional purposes represents a certain budget, so it is common to use a car loan to finance this project.

Know how to buy a car without a contribution

Know how to buy a car without a contribution

It is normal to note that certain concessions require contributions, whether as part of leasing or in a classic car purchase. The personal contribution simply makes it possible to cover part of the cost of the credit and the costs of setting up the financing.

This contribution can sometimes be made up by the scrapping bonus but the conditions remain restrictive, to say the least. Fortunately, credit organizations accept to lend to motorists without any contribution, whether as part of a restricted loan or a personal loan.

Here are the possible financing solutions to acquire your car without having a single euro in savings:

  • Loan without contribution
  • Rental with option to purchase
  • Loan between individuals

Auto loan without a contribution

Auto loan without a contribution

The principle is simple, banks offer credit offers without contribution, with attractive conditions. That said, they are not known to the general public or their offers are temporary, maintains a complete list of establishments offering the best financing solutions, just do a simulated car loan without contribution. It’s free and without obligation.

Rental with option to purchase

It is a consumer loan that consists of buying a new vehicle without any contribution and paying monthly rent including the price of the vehicle, its use, and maintenance. Some offers even include auto insurance, an ideal offer to get rid of interviews and related costs. On the other hand, it is more costly in the long term, although you can carry out a lease transfer at any time.

Loan between individuals

The last solution is, in a way, to turn to your neighbor to obtain a loan of money. This way is, however, to be taken with precaution because the scams are numerous, it is better to formalize the loan to guarantee the good repayment and the source of the sums of money.